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Feeling lost on what to do next on your career?

There are 3 important things every professional would need to take up any challenge.

 Mindset | Strategy | Tools

Mindset is tied up with one personality and Strategy could be learned through experiences. But when you are starting a career, you would not have experience. So how do you start?

Tools are easy to start. When you are empowered with a tool, you learn other things on the go

A) If you are sure which career path, you need to identify what tools you need to learn > allows you to find tools that need for your career path.

B) If you are not sure which career path, but you love specific tools > allows you to find which career path could be taken with that tool

C) If you are not about a career path or tools, but you love specific startups > allows you to find what tools are used by those startups. So you can start with tools and then connect back to Strategy and also develop your mindset.

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Our Team

We are a team of Growth Marketers and Data nerds who has extensively worked in every possible marketing channel. We have worked with startup to Fortune 500 companies. 

Disclaimer: The platform is under alpha status. Any valuable feedbacks are rewarded based on our ability and always will be remembered. Email or tweet @jkbaseer